Teer Result: Common Number TeerCounter ~ Find Exact Number

Teer Result: Common Number TeerCounter ~ Find Exact Number

Teer Result: Common Number TeerCounter ~ Find Exact Number—Teercounter is of the most popular teer result website where you can check your daily result of Teer results game. Teer game is one of the most successful and common games played in Shillong for which you are having very high benefits on winning.


Teer Game is one of the most popular game in Northeast India Shillong, which is legally allowed to organize the game every day. While playing this game you can find Teer common numbers in Teer gambling, which is picked using some Teer number calculation of unique formula [Hidden].

TeerCounter,Teer Result,Common Number TeerCounter

Teer Result: Common Number TeerCounter ~ Find Exact Number


TeerCounter,Teer Result,Common Number TeerCounter

Teer results Chart: Teer Result

Millions of people in India are seriously getting involved in Teer game by bidding on the multiple or single numbers out of 100. When the number you choose falls you get 80 times more than what you bid on the game, it has gained lots of interest from the individuals who play this game including kids, teenage, girls, boys, women and men etc. Who are generally living their life by becoming agent and playing the game as well.

These are gambling game, which not only includes loss and profit at very high level. The reason you may go to loss is because basically individual loses lots of money if he/she is unable to control up to certain limitation.

TeerCounter,Teer Result,Common Number TeerCounter

See How Teer Game is played?


Teer Common number Today: Teer Result: Common Number TeerCounter ~ Find Exact Number

Teer common number chart today has been declared by some calculation and source we do not guarantee the number will be 100% sure. As these numbers are based on some calculation & we also declare that you don’t have any rights to blame on us if this number doesn’t fall.



 Earlier declared Teer Result:

You can check earlier’s game Teer results here, playing on the number which already came on an earlier day would be just linked wasting money. Teer Game results do matter which already came on the previous day because it eventually doesn’t fall on the next game.

This game has no ending, it is been played each and every day with many people are hoping for this game. Especially agents are living their life fully depending on teers & making some money from it.

Tripura Teer Results:

Many Teer agents are increasing rapidly in North East India. Many Teer Agents are being caught and taken to jail as it is not the legal game to play on another state apart from Shillong, such as Tripura, Assam etc. Hence, many agents and the people who are playing has been taken to jail or had faced some serious loss.

Also, a small notice has come that many people have won lots of thing from it and many people had to sell out their land and house due to this game as the people could not control themselves in a limit.

Think before you do anything

Do not cross the limit and loose your life.

TeerCounter,Teer Result,Common Number TeerCounter

About Teer

Shillong was the capital of Assam during British empire in India before independence and remained after that until 1972. After becoming the capital of state Meghalaya which was formed after 1972, it rapidly grows and was developed into a typical modern Indian town, but it still retained some of its colonial-era charms in certain pockets.This city is situated at an altitude of 1496 m above the sea level. It remained the capital of Assam, before the formation of Meghalaya in 1974.After becoming the state capital the place, the people and the climate all gets combined together to create an amiable atmosphere and made Shillong ideal best tourist destinations among the world throughout the whole year.
As Shillong being the most admired tourist destination in India, it is famous for its natural beauty and sight-seeing. Combined with various traditional foods, dresses, places Shillong is also famous for its games and sports. In the previous year 2016, the South Asian Games were also held at Guwahati and Shillong from a period of 5 February to 16 February of the year 2016. Rather than sports Shillong very much famous for its traditional games out which This game is most admired and played.


History Of Shillong Teer Game

The game was traditionally known as “The Tim”. During early 20th century, this game was in its beginner stage. The people from different localities gather weekly in groups or in clubs from different villages to play archery matches which were further grown into archery contests. After the passage of time, these contests of archery developed into tournaments of archery. Due to this growth in Teer Game and earning huge capital through this, the unique system of adapting the results with requirements the method of gambling was also discovered and was emerged in large scale. As the gambling is prohibited in almost all parts of the world, this game was failed to get its recognition around the globe that it deserves. Later, after time goes around this game finally reach its top and receives recognition and was registered by the State Government in the year 1982. From that year this game is legalized till now and develops very rapidly. Now this game also has received online presence on the internet. This enables the people to book tickets online rather buying tickets.

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