Daily Teer Result Today Teer Counter Teer Result

Daily Teer Result Today Teer Counter Teer Result

Daily Teer Result Today Teer Counter Teer Result—Hello all users and readers this post is not for job and other recruitment it is an informative post about a game,the game name as Teer Game it is very popular game in North East of India.This is a story of tradition, dreams, archery and entrepreneurship. Traditionally called “Thoh Tim”, Teer is a lottery game based on dreams and archery. The better a person can interpret dreams, the more are the chances of winning. There are multiple theories about interpreting dreams but at the core, the aim is to translate these dreams to numbers and bet on them. One can bet on a number with as low as INR 1 but still stand a chance to win upto INR 80.

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How Teer Game Played

“Each day, first at 4pm and then again at 4.30pm, groups of archers meet at the shooting ground for what must be the most unique lottery draw anywhere in the world. At each session, 20 archers from three different clubs line up to shoot their arrows at a target. So there are 60 archers in total. Once the word is given, they all fire in rapid succession in to the target. The officials then inspect and declare the results.

Shillong Teer Method for Creating a Bow & Arrow

For playing the Teer game one must have a perfectly designed Bow & Arrow. This is the basic step for beginning of Teer Game. In this i will teach you how to make Bow & Arrow from wilderness material or simply at home.
  1. The First step to make it that you must choose an appropriate tree or type of wood which must be flexible so that it can be used for making a full powered stretchable bow that has high tendency to push the arrow from it at very high velocity.The wood must not be weaker that it may broke during the more pulling of bow for greater distance.
  2. The wood piece is made to a strong thin stick which is sharp from its one end and is rounded in shape. The other end of the arrow must blunt and narrow so as to make its hold on the string of bow.
  3. For making a bow the long stick of wood is taken which is little broader than arrow stick that must be stronger enough to face tensions during pulling and pushing.
  4. The stick is then bend from both the sides and is tied up with very thin and strong string of metal. The string is tied to such a way that the wooden stick must be bend and looks like 180 degree angle.
  5. The material for the game is finally ready for use.

Teer Game Rules

These are very important guidelines that is stated in each every game before playing and are very essential to know to every contestant taking part in the contest. These rules are same for every contestant taking part in a same game. Earlier, before legalisation of this game, there were different-different rules in different origins with respect to different clubs of locates or villages.

1. Time Limit-  The maximum time given to shoot an arrow is 2 minutes for 3 ends and for 6 ends the maximum time given is 4 minutes.
2. No other accessories or equipments are allowed to use during gameplay that may result in defeating the opponent through unfair means.
3. Contestants taking part in game are not allowed to raise the earlier than the signal is given.(if they do so then it will be counted as foul or the contestant may also be disqualified from the match).
4. During the shot if the arrow drops or misfires it is strictly prohibited to take re-shot at any circumstances.
5. The arrow that is rebounded or hangs from the target is still counted for the score based on the mark it makes on the target face.
6. During gameplay, if the contestant’s equipment gets damaged, the player can request the judge for its replacement and may also have time extra allowances.

Daily Teer Result Today Teer Counter Teer Result

Daily Teer Result Today Teer Counter Teer Result

The history of the sport dates back to early in the 20th century when clubs of various localities and villages in and around Shillong held a weekly archery contest. Over time, the competition evolved and took its present form only in the late 1950s when a unique system of adapting the results with the requirements of gambling emerged.

Legalised by the state government only in 1982, the sport now has an online presence as well and this is where Ankur Priyadarshan steps in again. Starting in October 2014, teercounter.com has everything a teer lover would need (except buying tickets). The website publishes results as soon as they are announced, has a prediction game, gives users detailed Analytics, a social network, online shopping and some more.


Teer counter currently gets about 2.4 lakh monthly unique visitors with an Alexa rank of 9500 in India. Landing on to the homepage at first seems as if you have hopped on to a screen with two columns displaying a couple of numbers and the rest of the screen has dummy icons and ads. But those dummy icons are actually links to go to other sections of the website. Teer counter is a very good case of functionality over form. For a teer gambler, this information is what matters and if s/he has a chance to browse what all is happening around the sport, design of the website doesn’t seem to matter.

Point to Note: (Here in Shillong teer, there used to be two different clubs everyday to take part in teer

shooting, total there are twelve clubs participating in teer shooting. Every day, different clubs use to

take part in it.)Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result,Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result Shillong Teer

Below are the Lists of the entire Clubs who are taking part in teer shooting:

ï‚· Rangbiria.

ï‚· Wahingdoh.

ï‚· Bedeiplang.

ï‚· Pynthor.

ï‚· Malki.

ï‚· Laban.

ï‚· Senglang.

ï‚· Jaiaw.

ï‚· Kathuplang.

ï‚· Laikor.

ï‚· Mawlai.

ï‚· Laitumkrah.

ï‚· Combine Twelve Clubs (Every Saturday).

Firstly get the complete chart of Teer record like the club name and also the past three months old teer

record. Note down the complete detail about the chart. Right after you get the detail information about

the chart, then look at the club combination result. For example if the club combination result is F/R= 56

and S/R= 78 then note it down the club name and their combination result. If you find such Club

combination result in the past three months which is similar to few days back then you can an idea that,

this two clubs whenever they participate in teer shooting, the result usually comes out between 50

house to 70 house. Below are the example given in a table to be clear about the trick.

For the month of April, this two clubs combination result is like below table(Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result,Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result Shillong Teer).



Teer Counter.jpg

Teer Counter

Teer Result.jpg

Teer Result

teer counter common.jpg

teer counter common


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