Teer Counter Result~ Online Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

Teer Counter Result~ Online Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

Teer Game is being played very hugely in the North east India Shillong, where we also find worlds most beautiful & most clean village of the world. There are certain Teer common numbers in Teer gambling, which comes after some calculation of unique formula Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result [ secret].


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                    Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

Teer: Shillong Teer

Millions of people are getting involved in Teer game by bidding on multiple or single number out of 100. When the number falls you get 80 times more than what you bid on the game, it has become legal game in the Shillong which has involved lots of Teen agents and players.Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result,Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result Shillong Teer

See How Teer Game is played? Teer Counter Result

Teer Common number Today:

Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

Grab your Teer common numberfor FREE [No its not possible but I have the trick to find it out each time you hit].

Tricks 1:

In this trick, I will share on how to win in teer game without losing any penny. The people who organized

teer are very clever, you have no idea how they set the numbers. That’s why, you yourself you need to

be clever enough to get exact numbers.

Point to Note: (Here in Shillong teer, there used to be two different clubs everyday to take part in teer

shooting, total there are twelve clubs participating in teer shooting. Every day, different clubs use to

take part in it.)Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result,Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result Shillong Teer

Below are the Lists of the entire Clubs who are taking part in teer shooting:

ï‚· Rangbiria.

ï‚· Wahingdoh.

ï‚· Bedeiplang.

ï‚· Pynthor.

ï‚· Malki.

ï‚· Laban.

ï‚· Senglang.

ï‚· Jaiaw.

ï‚· Kathuplang.

ï‚· Laikor.

ï‚· Mawlai.

ï‚· Laitumkrah.

ï‚· Combine Twelve Clubs (Every Saturday).

Firstly get the complete chart of Teer record like the club name and also the past three months old teer

record. Note down the complete detail about the chart. Right after you get the detail information about

the chart, then look at the club combination result. For example if the club combination result is F/R= 56

and S/R= 78 then note it down the club name and their combination result. If you find such Club

combination result in the past three months which is similar to few days back then you can an idea that,

this two clubs whenever they participate in teer shooting, the result usually comes out between 50

house to 70 house. Below are the example given in a table to be clear about the trick.

For the month of April, this two clubs combination result is like below table(Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result,Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number Teer Counter Result Shillong Teer)



First Round


Second Round


For the month of May, below is the combination result of these two clubs.



For the month of June, if the combination result is also like below table.



First Round


Second Round


First Round


Second Round


Well if you see such kind of club combination result for the past three months, then keep your mind that

these two clubs like to shoot between 70 house and 80 house. To be more precise, take the higher

numbers. If you find out that on the next day, if the teer shooting will be done by these two clubs then

take numbers between 60-90 house.

(Point to Note: Before the result is announced on that particular day, there use to be a fresh chart every

week. So you must look on the fresh Chart table and get some idea from it)

Below is an example of how the fresh chart look like, every week the chart is change.

Monday (27/06/2015) Senglang

Tuesday (28/06/2015) Laban



Thursday (30/06/2015) Laikor






First Round

First Round Second Round

First Round Second Round

First Round Second Round

Friday (1/07/2015) Laitumkrah

Saturday (2/07/2015) Combined 12 Clubs First Round Second Round

First Round Second Round


The above chart represent as an advanced chart displayed every new week before the result are

announced. Therefore you can generate some idea from this chart which will be given every new week

in this blog.

Tricks 2

In this trick, I will share you about the mathematical solution that is useful in some case. Usually, this

mathematical solution work for me and I also believe and experience that when the rain comes, this

mathematical formula works. There are two mathematical solutions, below is the mathematical



First of all take the result of yesterday and today date. Put them together in one line like.

Say yesterday result is 89-34 and today date is like 27/06/2015. So take yesterday result and today date

by keeping them together.

893427062015 Add the number from the given arrow sign.

82769768216 Example how it is calculated, start adding from 5+1=6,

9046745037 1+0=1 and 0+2=2 keeping on adding until you come down to

911419540 single numbers. Make sure that, whatever you have added

02561494 on the above solution, the result should come down






39 Here is the number that is likely to come..take 39,93,

12 12 , 21 or else 30 house, 90 house, 10 house and 20.

3 Second round ending

Important Note: (In this type of solution, you have to add from the right hand side of the numbers to the

left hand side. For instance, 8+9+3+4+2+7+0+6+2+0+1+5 and the “one in hand” should be added as you

keep on adding. But on the last of the number say 8+9= 17, if you find any “One in Hand” then you

should skip that one in hand instead of writing 17…you must write only 7 not 17).

Tricks 3:

This tricks is similar to the above tricks 2, this trick is also about mathematical solution. In this solution,

all you have to do is take yesterday teer record and follow the above process like.


For Example; Yesterday teer result is like first round 78 and second round 09 alright. So keep them

together like.

7809 put them like this and start to add from the right hand side

589 to the left hand side and 589 is the result, after that keep on

47 adding and don’t forget to put the result below after solutn

1 here 47 is the expected number, take 47,74,57,67

Or else take 40,50,60 and 70 house.

Expected ending number..take in first round and second


Important Note: The solution is almost the same like tricks two, however make sure that first you add

the number like

7809= 7+8+0+9 plus from 9 to 7 like 9+0= 9, 0+8=8, 8+7= 15…here there is one in hand

you cannot put as 15 but instead of 15 you have to put 5.Therefore the result becomes 589. Again these

589 will be further split by adding like 9+8=17 but put as 7, because there is one in hand and 8+5 with

one hand= 14 but you will skip 1 and put as 4. Hence the result is 47, again 7+4= 11 but you will skip 1

and put as 1. 1 is the final solution.

Tricks 4:

In this fourth tricks, I will share you on how to play without losing your money. This trick will help you

how to play teer game, if you have been complaining of losing then now it’s time for you to cheer up.

Before coming across these tricks, I have lost lots of cash and I understand how it feels like. I will

mention point wise, so read carefully.

 First of all, don’t book any number. People like to book number isn’t it, but I say it’s a bad idea.

You will lose all your money if you book numbers, therefore don’t ever book numbers.

ï‚· Whenever you play teer, always take ending at least 3 ending. Select any five numbers which

you think that it will come, only five. After that put that 5 numbers to the highest bet (give hit).

ï‚· Take two entire house as for backing up. For instance, if you think there is possibility of 20 house

and 40 house to come, then book the entire house. Don’t spend too much money on that.

ï‚· Now in this point, learn how to bet the numbers for Single forecast and also ending forecast.

Single forecast for 10 paise, here 10 paise equal to 10 ruppes, in front of the dealer you have to

say 10 paise. Look on below example and play according to it.

Teer Counter Result~ Online Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

First Round Second Round





















You will spend 10 ruppees and if the forecast is right then you will get 500 Ruppees. Here you have a

good advantage, if any of the numbers from 1st round comes and any of the numbers in 2nd round comes

then you are sure to get.

For example 92 came from the above first round, so now you have to wait for second round. Therefore

luckily 78 came in second round that means you have 78 in your table for second. You can now claim

your money along with your slip. Make sure that, you arrange the number like the above table and then

submit to the dealer in a piece of paper so that they can note it down.

Similar to it you can also play ending forecast, below are the way to play.

First Round Second Round







If you play for 10 paise for three numbers for each side then you will need to pay around 90 ruppes.

When you win, you will get around 800 ruppees.

There is lot of chances for you to win, I often use to play in this manner and yes I have won many times.

Direct forecast is very difficult to get, that’s why you need to play like on the above manner.

Tricks 5:

This trick is something people like to assume it and that is dream. Well, sometime dream also come true

there is no doubt about it. On that note I would like to share you one proven tricks that happen to work

when I use them, that tricks is about the exact meaning of the numbers.

One day I happen to see a dream, in my dream I found one secret number so called “4”. When I woke up

I thought of taking 40 house, 04 and 40, but on my way I met one of my known Old man who also use to

play this game. He directly asked me what is your dream today? I was a bit feeling shy to tell him that

am going to take what I saw in my dream. Anyway I told him the truth, as a result he told me straight

away not to take the exact number what I saw in my dream. He told me the meaning of 4 in dream is

like 4=9, at first I don’t feel like believing him but then took what he recommended me. I took 90 house

and nine ending, I have even took single number 39,49, and 59 for 100 ruppees each. Fortunately, the

result was out as 49, I was so happy couldn’t stop thanking to him. He also took the same number as like


That was the first time working in term of dream number and again after certain days my friend saw a

dream and that was 32. He as like other people went to the shop to take 32 number, but then I told him

that for each dream numbers you see there is some actual meaning of it. Well I told him that 3 is equal

to 8 and 2 is equal to 7. So we both when and took the number, 87, 78 and ending 8 and 7. Apart from

that we also took 80 house and 70 house. We were waiting the result eagerly and finally the result was

out as 77. We got the ending and also the single number. It really feel great knowing such kind of things.

However it doesn’t work all the time, but I recommend you to use this tricks when you see such a dream

like me. Below are the equivalent numbers check it out.






This is the information which will help you to find the actual meaning of seeing numbers in your dream.

It work perfectly ok for me why don’t you try it.

Well this is some of the trick which I have been using it whenever I play teer. By using all the above

tricks, you will certainly catch big fish in teer. In case if you couldn’t understood the above tricks then

contact the blog owner by posting comment or through Contact us page. They will certainly reply you

back, hope it will help you, best of luck

 Previous Teer Result:Teer Counter Result~ Online Shillong Teer Leaked Common Number

You can check previous day teer result here, it is said that you should never play on a number which comes on a previous day.

This game has no ending, it is been played each and everyday with many people are hoping on this game. Specially agents are living their life fully depending on teers & making some money from it.

 In Tripura:

Many Teer agents are being caught and taken to jail as it is not legal game to play. Hence, many agents and the people who are playing has been taken to jail or had faced some serious loss.

Also a small notice has come that many people have won lots of thing from it and many people had to sell out their land and house due to this game as the people could not control themself in limit.

Think before you do anything

Do not cross limit and loose your life.

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