SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 General Awareness Question of All Shifts

SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 General Awareness Question of All Shifts


SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 General Awareness Question of All Shifts–Hello all we are with SSC CGL Tier 1 2017 General Awareness Question of All Shifts hope you like this

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SSC CGL Tier 1 2017


Q: At which rate, Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks?

Ans: Reverse Repo Rate

Q: Movement along the supply curve is known as ______ .

Ans: Expansion and contraction of supply

Q: What is the minimum age required to become vice-president of India?

Ans: 35 years

Q: Which of the following “writ” of the High Court or the Supreme Court is issued to restrain a person from holding a public office which he is not entitled to?

Ans: Quo Warranto

Q: Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Bindusara

Ans: Bindusara

Q: Which dynasty came to power in India after the Tughlaq dynasty?

Ans: The Sayyids

Q: Which planet is considered as the Dwarf planet?

Ans: Pluto

Q: Sandstone is which type of rock?

Ans: Sedimentary Rock

Q: Wheat is a ______.

Ans: Herb

Q: Snakes, turtle, lizards and crocodiles falls under which category of animals?

Ans: Reptilian

Q: Which of the following instrument is used to measure Soil Water Tension?

Ans: Tensiometer

Q: What is the SI unit of Force?

Ans: Newton

Q: Which one of the following is a bad Thermal Conductor?

Ans: Glass

Q: Which of the following stores data permanently in a computer?

Ans: ROM

Q: Rusting is   .

Ans: Redox reaction (Oxidation and Reduction) Q: Which amongst the following is not a Cation?

Ans: Sulphate ion

Q: Which of the following is not a component of Smog?

Ans: Chlorine oxide

Q: NITI Aayog has been formed to replace which of the following institution?

Ans: Planning Commission

Q: Who invented first working laser?

Ans: T. H. Maiman

Q: Which of the following venue hosted its first ever test match on 9th November, 2016 which was played between

India and England

Ans: Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot

Q: Who is the only Indian cricketer to have received the Polly Umrigar award 3 times?

Ans: Virat Kohli

Q: Who is the author of the book titled “The Sellout”?

Ans: Paul Beatty

Q: Which country was designated as the major defence partner of USA in December, 2016?

Ans: India

Q: With which country India did its seventh edition of bilateral EKUVERIN Exercise 2016 at Kadhdhoo? Ans: Maldives


05 August 2017 Shift 3


Q: In which of the following case, law of demand fails?

Ans: Giffen goods

Q: How many fundamental Rights are mentioned in Indian constitution?

Ans: Five

Q: Which of the following Article/Articles cannot be suspended even during emergency?

Ans: Article 20 and 21

Q: Who was the first Viceroy of India?

Ans: Lord Canning

Q: Who wrote ‘Nyaya Sutra’?

Ans: Gautam

Q: Earth’s Deepest point in water is Mariana trench. It is located in which of the following oceans?

Ans: Pacific Ocean

Q: Masai is a tribe of which of the following country?

Ans: Kenya

Q: With which of the following body organ is ‘pace-maker’ associated?

Ans: Brain

Q: Haemoglobin is an important component of _______.

Ans: red blood cells

Q: Anaemia is caused because of deficiency of which of the following?

Ans: Iron

Q: What is the minimum distance (in metres) required to hear an echo?

Ans: 17

Q: Why does a black board appears black in colour?

Ans: It absorbs all the colours

Q: Which one among the following is a main system board of a computer?

Ans: Mother board

Q: Which among the following metal is used for galvanization?

Ans: Zinc

Q: What is dry ice?

Ans: Solid Carbon dioxide

Q: Which of the following represents the most complex trophic level?

Ans: Ecosystem

Q: Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh launched a medical scheme for APL families. What is the name of that scheme?Ans: Arogya Raksha

Ans: Arogya Raksha

Q: Who discovered X-rays? Ans: W. C. Roentgen

Ans: W. C. Roentgen

Q: How many players are there in a water polo team?

Ans: 7

Q: ‘Lavani’ is a dance form of which state in India? Ans: Maharashtra

Ans: Maharashtra

Q: Who is being awarded Asian Award 2016 as the Chivas Social entrepreneur of the year?

Ans: Vikram Patel

Q: The book “Azad Bachpan ki Aur” is written by which author?

Ans: Kailash Satyarthi

Q: India by the Nile’, was a cultural festival celebrated by

India and _____. Ans: Egypt

Ans: Egypt

Q: Sheikh Hasina Wazed is the Prime Minister of which neighboring country of India?

Ans: Bangladesh




Q: The ________ curve represents the demand of all consumers in the market taken together at different levels of the price of the good.

Ans: market demand

Q: The market structure called monopoly exists where there is exactly seller in any market.

Ans: One

Q: In which year was Communist Party of India – Marxist (CPI-M) founded?

Ans: 1964

Q: Which Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution prohibits trafficking, forced labour, and children working under 14 years of age?

Ans: Right against Exploitation

Q: In 1528, defeated the Rajputs at Chanderi.

Ans: Babur

Q: Which of the following was a leader of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army founded in 1928?

Ans: Chandra Shekhar Azad

Q: Land covers about    of the earth’s surface.

Ans: 30%

Q: The uppermost layer over the earth’s surface is called the______.

Ans: Crust

Q: The scientific name of human being is? Ans: Homo Sapiens

Ans: Homo Sapiens

Q: In a majority of flowering plants, out of the four megaspores, what is the ratio of functional and degenerate megaspores?

Ans: 1:3

Q: The body of all complex animals consist of only _______basic types of tissue(s). Ans: 4

Ans: 4

Q: Meter in a vehicle that calculates distance covered by the vehicle is called __________.

Ans: Odometer

Q: What is the SI unit of pressure? Ans: Pascal

Q: Disk Encryption is a technology (hardware or software) where data is encrypted before storage.

Ans: Whole

Q: Oxide of which of the following will turn red litmus blue? Ans: Magnesium

Ans: Magnesium

Q: Which of the following are highly compressible?

Ans: Gas

Q: gases absorb long wave (infrared) radiation from the earth and emit it again towards the earth.

Ans: Greenhouse

Q: In April 2017, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh banned inclusion of names of Ministers and MLA’s on Plaques and Foundation Stones in which state?

Ans: Punjab

Q: Who invented bluetooth?

Ans: Dr. Jaap Haartsen

Q: Who was the winner of 2015 Men’s Cricket World Cup?

Ans: Australia

Q: Rukmini Devi Arundale was a reputed dancer and choreographer in which form of dancing?

Ans: Bharatnatyam

Q: Who won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama ‘Sweat’?

Ans: Lynn Nottage

Q: A] The author of the novel ‘The Corrections’ is Jonathan Franzen.

Ans: A and C

Q: As per World Health Organization, a pilot program testing the first ever malaria vaccine will begin in ________ in the year 2018.

Ans: Africa

Q: Bhutan does not share its border with which Indian state?

Ans: Meghalaya


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