International Organisations’ Headquarters Tricks to Remember

International Organisations’ Headquarters Tricks to Remember

International Organisations’ Headquarters Tricks to Remember


Name which starts with World or International, ends with Organisation and Trade and development HQ in Geneva, Switzerland except International Maritime Organisation and International Hydrographical Organisation in Monaco
[W-O], [I-O]
International Organisation HQ
World Health Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
World Intellectual property Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
World Meteorological Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
World Trade Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
International Labour Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
International Committee for Red Cross Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
International Standardization Organisation Geneva, Switzerland
United Nation Conference on Trade and Development Geneva, Switzerland
World Economic Forum Geneva, Switzerland


I am a common man in London
International Organisation HQ
International Maritime Organisation London
Amnesty International London
Common Wealth of Nations London
Common Wealth Tele communication Organisation London


 If any organisation is related to “Industrial development/Petroleum/Atomic Energy” HQ in Vienna, Austria
International Organisation HQ
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation Vienna, Austria
International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna, Austria
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting countries Vienna, Austria


If any organisation is related to “International money or monetary organisation and world Bank” HQ in Washington, DC
International Organisation HQ
International monetary Organisation Washington, DC
World Bank Washington, DC


 If any organisation is related to “UN Child development programme Population Emergency in New York”
International Organisation HQ
United Nations Organisation New York
United Nations International Children Emergency Fund New York
UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities) New York


If any organisation is related to “Economic and Educational” HQ in Paris”
International Organisation HQ
Organisation for Economic Co-operation development Paris
United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organisation Paris


If any organisation is related to “Court, Criminal and Chemical Weapons HQ in The Hague, Netherlands”
International Organisation HQ
International Court of Justice The Hague, Netherlands
International Criminal Court The Hague, Netherlands
Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical weapons The Hague, Netherlands


International Organisation HQ
Asian development Bank Manila, Philippines


International Organisation HQ
ASEAN Jakarta, Indonesia

TRICK 10: 

International Organisation HQ
Food and Agricultural Organisation Rome, Italy

TRICK 11: 

Asian Infrastructure in Beijing
International Organisation HQ
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Beijing, China

TRICK 12: 

New Development in Shanghai, China
International Organisation HQ
New Development Bank Shanghai, China

TRICK 13: 

Football and Hockey in Switzerland
International Organisation HQ
FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) Zurich, Switzerland
International Hockey Federation Lausanne, Switzerland

TRICK 14: 

Shoot – Munich
International Organisation HQ
International Shooting Sports Federation Munich, Germany

TRICK 15: 

Chess – Greece
International Organisation HQ
World Chess Federation Athens, Greece

International Organisations’ Headquarters Tricks to Remember

International Organisations’ Headquarters Tricks to Remember

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