GK & Current Affairs October 2014

GK & Current Affairs October  2014

1. Who among the following has been recently appointed as the Chairman of Future Earth Engagement Committee?
[A]Amartya Sen
[B]Jairam Ramesh
[C]Manmohan Singh
[D]Jean Dreze


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GK & Current Affairs October 2014

2. India has recently agreed to supply naval vessels as part of military transfer to which South-Asian nation?


3. Which spacecraft by SpaceX, California has recently landed on Earth after completing its mission on International Space Station?


4. In a recent defence deal, India will buy anti-tank Spike missiles from which country?


5. Who has been appointed as the new chairperson of Prasar Bharti?
[A]Dinesh Chandra
[B]A. Surya Prakash
[C]Jawahar Sircar
[D]J.S. Mathur


6. Union Health Minister has launched a new mission in line with government’s vision to eliminate Tuberculosis from India. What is the name of mission?
[A]TB-Mission 2020
[B]TB-Vision 2019
[C]No TB Mission 2019
[D]No TB Mission 2020


7. According to a recent UN report six countries account for more than 90 percent of AIDS in the world. Which among the following is not among them?


8. Which scientist had discovered first successful inactivated polio vaccine?
[A]Emma Goodman
[B]Maurice Hilleman
[C]Jonas Salk
[D]Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen


9. Which state in India has won the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management Award for 2014?
[D]Uttar Pradesh


10. The winner of WTA Singles women’s title 2014 is __?
[A]Serena Williams
[B]Simona Halep
[C]Maria Sharapova
[D]Petra Kvitova




1st–Jairam Ramesh


3rd ans–Dragon

4th ans–Israel

5th ans–A. Surya Prakash

6tha ans–TB-Mission 2020

7th ans–Singapore

8th ans-Jonas Salk

9th–ans–Uttar Pradesh

10th—Serena Williams

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    1st–Jairam Ramesh
    The inaugural Future Earth Engagement Committee is to be chaired by Indian economist and politician Jairam Ramesh, the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability(the Alliance).Future Earth is a global research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world.

    India will supply naval vessels to Vietnam. Vietnam PM Nguyen Tan Dung is on a two-day visit to India. The sale of four offshore patrol vessels is critical for Vietnam as it wants to improve its defenses in the energy rich-South China Sea where it is locked in competing claims with China.

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    3rd ans–Dragon
    Dragon spacecraft has returned to Earth after completing its tasks on ISS. This was Dragon’s fifth visit to the ISS.Along with other supplies the spacecraft carried Mice to ISS

    4th ans–Israel
    India has signed a deal of Rs. 8000 crores to buy anti-tank missiles from Israel. The decision for the same was taken at Defence Acquisition Council.

    5th ans–A. Surya Prakash
    A. Surya Prakash has been appointed as the chairperson of Prasar Bharati. Mr. Prakash’s appointment was done on a recommendation of a three-member committee headed by Vice President Hamid Ansari and comprising Press Council of India chairperson Markandey Katju and Bimal Julka, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

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    6tha ans–TB-Mission 2020
    Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has announced ‘TB-Mission 2020’, underlining the plans of the Indian government to eliminate Tuberculosis from the country. Indian government will provide free diagnosis and treatment as well as nutrition support and relevant financial enablers to the patients from government and private hospitals.

    7th ans–Singapore
    Singapore. Six countries – China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam – account for more than 90 per cent of the people living with HIV in the region. The report by UNAIDS, the United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS states that India has the third-highest number of people living with HIV in the world with 2.1 million.

    8th ans-Jonas Salk
    Jonas Edward Salk was an American medical researcher and virologist. He discovered and developed the first successful inactivated polio vaccine. October 28,2014 was his 100th birthday.

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    9th–ans–Uttar Pradesh
    The successful organisation of Kumbh Mela-2013 has earned Uttar Pradesh the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) award for this year. The state was also winner in the category of Innovations in Government Services and Programmes. The awards were announced and presented during the President’s Dinner at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya, Malaysia on October 21, 2014,

    10th—Serena Williams
    This win was the third consecutive title for Williams at the prestigious year-ender, the first time a player has achieved that feat since Monica Seles in 1990-92.

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