General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015

General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015

General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015–Hello dear friends we are again back with  General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015 series of June month.In the any competition field it is required to having good general knowledge.You can gain all gk and current affair from our website by visiting here weekly .  We provide last month February 1st Week General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs 2015 , February 1st Week General Knowledge GK and Current Affairs Part 2nd 2015 , February 2nd Week General Knowledge GK and Current Affairs 2015  and March-April General Knowledge GK And Current Affair 2015 Today we bring up for you General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015 hope you like it .

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General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015

General Knowledge Gk And Current Affair June 1st Week 2015

1-George Yeo, a former foreign minister from Singapore will be the new chancellor of Nalanda University. The 60 year old is currently serving as a member in the governing board of the prestigious university, which was set up in 2010 to revive the ancient seat of learning in Rajgir,Bihar. Mr Yeo was conferred the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award – in 2012, he has been involved in the setting up of the university from the start, that will focus on research work in historical sciences, environment and ecology.


2-The Mauritius government designated Ameenah Gurib-Fakim as the country’s new president. She is the first woman to hold the ceremonial position. The appointment of Gurib-Fakim, an internationally-renowned scientist and biologist, is subject to parliament approval. Gurib-Fakim, 56, will be the first female President of the Island, which gained independence from Britain in 1968 and which replaced Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state in 1992.


3-Italy celebrates its Republic Day on 2 June. It commemorates the referendum of 1946, when the Italian population was called to decide what form of government (monarchy or republic) to give to the country after World War II and the fall of Fascism. After 85 years of monarchy, Italy became a Republic, and the monarchs of the House of Savoy were deposed and exiled. This is one of the most important Italian public holidays.


4-Bangladesh has granted permission to the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to run its business in the country. By this decision LIC became the second foreign insurance company to operate in Bangladesh. LIC was allowed to start operations as a joint venture entity to be called LIC Bangladesh Ltd with a paid up capital of Taka 1 billion (USD 1=Tk 80). Beyond India, the LIC currently operates in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Singapore.


5-Dr. Askwar Hilonga, a Tanzanian chemical engineer has won the first Africa Prize for Engineering. He was chosen for the award for his specialized water filtration system. Holinga earned £25,000 (US$38,231.50) for his sand-based water filter, which cleans contaminated water using nanotechnology. Each nanofilter absorbs contaminants from specific bodies of water. The contaminants could be heavy metals and minerals, biological impurities like bacteria and viruses, or pesticides. Launched in 2014, the African Prize “encourages talented sub-Saharan African engineers from all disciplines to develop solutions to local challenges, and to develop them into businesses. Hilonga earned the honor after several stages of competition against entrants from 15 African nations.


6-A team of 100 volunteers in Bhutan has set a new world record by planting 49,672 trees in one hour. They smashed the previous record by almost 10,000 trees. It had been set by an Indian team three years ago.


7-Telangana foundation day is observed on 2 June. Telangana is the 29th state of India came into being on June 2, 2014 after Andhra Pradesh was split into two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


8-Irwin Rose was an American Nobel laureate. Rose won the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry, along with Israel Institute of Technology researchers Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko, for research into how cells break down and dispose of old and damaged proteins in plants and animals. His groundbreaking work helped in the development of treatments for cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis.


9-India and USA signed an agreement to jointly develop protective suits for soldiers. Both sides also finalized two project agreements for hi-tech mobile power source.


10-Super Thermal Power Stations (STPS) are a series of ambitious power projects planned by the Government of India. The capacity of super thermal power is 1000 MW and above.


11-DMIC covers six states – Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is a State-Sponsored Industrial Development Project of the Government of India. The $100 billion ambitious project aimed at developing Industrial zones spanning across the above six states which would spur economic development in the region and develop industries.


12-Suresh Kalmadi has been conferred with the Asian Athletics Association President’s award. Kalmadi won the award for his contribution towards the development of athletics in the continent at the Asian Athletics Association. Kalmadi served as president of AAA for 13 years from 2000 to 2013 and was also credited with the introduction of top events like Asian Grand Prix series, Asian Indoor Championships and Asian All Star Meet, besides other competitions. He was also named Life President of Asian Athletics Association.


13-World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June every year. It has been started celebrating as an annual event on every 5th of June since 1973 in order to raise the global awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives, to solve the environmental issues by implementing some positive environmental actions as well as to make aware common public worldwide. The theme of this year world environment day is Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care.


14-The Government of India launched the Modified Special Incentive Proposal Scheme (M-SIPS) to promote expansion of manufacturing, diversification and modernization in the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector. The scheme has a provision of providing 20% subsidy for investments in capital expenditure within SEZs and 25% in non-SEZs.


15-The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). Cloud seeding process involved a furnace in which coal is burnt at 1,350 degrees Celsius in which powdered Silver Iodide is sprinkled. These particles rise in the air to cloud level in 10-12 minutes. After these particles travel upwards, they crystallize at minus-five degrees and since clouds have both ice and water crystals, the particles attract the water, its weight increases and they fall down in the form of rain within a couple of hours.

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