Dicussion On-Increasing Competition and Today’s Youth

Dicussion On-Increasing Competition and Today’s Youth

Dicussion On-Increasing Competition and Today’s Youth—India is one of the youngest countries in the world because almost 65% of its population is under 35 years of age. This is also known as Demographic Dividend which means the most productive part of the population. But higher the eligible numbers and higher the aspirations so higher the competition develops among them. Competition is a reality of life today. It has increased pressure to perform and very few succeed in the end due to lesser number of opportunities especially in the jobs arena. This also becomes the reason for suicides due to high expectations and consequent higher disappointment.

Such is the foolishness of competition that socially a person is literally forced to do things that one would not like to do. For example parents often push the children to study science and engineering due to peer pressure or social stigma related to other branches like arts and commerce. So such push may suppress natural interests of a child and unnecessary pressure come on the child which may be detrimental in the long run. So it can be asked: Is such a competition necessary all the time? Is the competition everything in life? Does competition lead to any benefits? Should such a blind competition be promoted?

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Dicussion On-Increasing Competition and Today’s Youth

In such a scenario, psychological impacts on the person in pressure and anxiety due to unnecessary and forced competition can be very detrimental and harmful. For example the hormones generated in the brain due to constant pressure of performance lead to change in blood pressure and heart beat rate and in the long term issues of insomnia and heart attack. Also in extreme conditions paralysis and brain hemorrhage may also occur. This not only creates financial burden on the family but also social stigma related to mental issues, psychological depression due to loss of confidence and motivation, etc. So a valid question arises: Is competition larger than life itself? Why such a pressure creating competition be continued? What is the meaning of such a rat race?

Economics of competition can be judged easily by looking at the various kinds of coaching, training and value enhancement industries and services. For example the smallest market player in banking or state or central civil services examinations charges lakhs of rupees consuming time, energy and precious youth of a person. And that too year after year till the job the joined. Also in modeling or singing or commercial software training, coaching and competition trainers eat up huge savings of a family which may be utilized in a better manner in their old age or social cause. Further inflation vagaries multiply the issues. This leads to poverty and financial instability and further pressure on the person.

Similarly political competition is another kind of it where competition for power is seen in General Elections every five years or at other levels of state, municipality and panchayats. Such competition is considered good for the democracy to avoid dictatorship and allow equal opportunity to all in the country. But is there a real competition in politics? No because majority of the citizenry is practically excluded due to high expenditures and funding needs for operations of marketing and management of party workers. So a common man is usually excluded. But still competition leads to the best candidate win because of the faith of the people in the process and the promises of the candidate or his/her party.

Apart from political, market competition in daily life is pretty visible for our own good. For example mobile phones getting cheaper due to higher competition, call rates declining, data cost falling, e-commerce rising with higher discounts, better services, good quality food in restaurants at affordable prices, etc. Such a competition is also equally pressurizing and problematic sometimes but still we find it good and in our interest. On the other hand many companies get closed due to over-competition, loss in sales due to better options available, old technologies, low investments, etc. So here livelihoods get lost and unemployment increases and other jobs are also generated in the process of this competition balancing the gains and losses in the economy.

So from the above dimensions, it is clear that competition is not necessarily a bad thing. It has many good things attached to it. For example competition in a healthy spirit increases performance, personality development, pressure handling capacity, knowledge enhancement, cultivation of proper decision making ability, expansion of thinking ability and achievements and experiences. Also competition boosts confidence and motivation. It also helps to understand oneself and own strengths and weaknesses. These qualities help a person later in life in making career choices and good behaviour development.

In the end it can be said that pressure of competition is a myth. Reality of competition lies in hard work and being true to your goal sincerely. Single minded focus will certainly bring success sooner or later but one must keep trying and continuously improve upon previous mistakes without repeating them. Also genuine interest beats all competition. So always try to identify your interests and work upon them. It will bring success closer in least amount of time.

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