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1. Alexa -2500

2. Daily 200000+ Visitors.

3. 700000+ page views per day.

4. Monthly 13000,000+ unique visitors.

5.Monthly 200,00,000+ Page Views.

6. Facebook Fans -50000+

8. Subscribers   – 500+.

Advertising Banners and Prices:

AD ZONE                              POSITION                 SIZE               PRICE

Sidebar Ad                              Right Sidebar              125×125          $50

End of Post Ad                       Middle, Center            468×60            $250

Sidebar Ad                              Middle, Right             300×250          $180

Header Ad(Premium)             Top, Right Header      468×60            $199

Leader Ad(Premium)              Top of All Posts          728×90            $600

Note: All the above prices are monthly basis.

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