Accenture Placement Papers With Answers

Accenture Placement Papers With Answers

Accenture Placement Paper Series

Placement Paper

Accenture Placement Paper Series—Hello all candidates we are happy for lot of freejobaware readers and user are interested in our website and lot of users asked for placement paper of various companies .So today we are going to share Accenture Placement Paper Series this blog post content all Accenture Placement Papers one by one hope it will helpful for you. we will give you Accenture Interview Questions and Answers as soon as.

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Accenture Placement Papers With Answers,Accenture Placement Paper

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Let’s Start Accenture Placement Paper Series

1.In the following choose the word which express the meaning of the same word FURORE

A.Excitement B.Worry C.Flux D.Anteroom

Answer: A


A.Leap B.Grow C.Deviate D.Mount

Answer: D


A.Land up B.Show up C.Crop up D.Come up

Answer: B

A.Strength B.Boldness C.idleness D.Enthusism

Answer: A


A.Paint B.Garner C.Adorn D.Abuse

Answer: C

6. In the following choose the word which express the opposite meaning of the same word CONCEDE

A.Object B.refuse C.Grant D.accede

Answer: B


A.Wicked B.Corrupt C.Vicious D.Scandalous

Answer: A


A.Loose B.Fall C.Lost D.Lose

Answer: D


A.Anxiety B.Obedience C.Suspicion D.Dismay



A.Glory B.Noisy C.Obscure D.Distinct


11. Read the passage and answer that follow on the basis of instruction provided in the passage PASSAGE Courage is not only the basis of virtue; it is its expression. faith, hope,
charity and all the rest don’t become virtues until it takes courage to exercise them. There are roughly two types of courage.
the first an emotional state which urges a man to risk injury or death, is physical courage.
The second, more reasoning attitude which enables him to take coolly his career, happiness, his whole future or his judgement of what he thinks either right or worthwhile,
is moral courage. I have known many men, who had marked physical courage, but lacked moral courage. Some of them were in high places,
but they failed to be great in themselves because they lacked moral courage. On the other hand I have seen men who undoubtedly possessed moral courage
but were very cautious about taking physical risks. But I have never met a man with moral courage who couldn’t, when it was really necessary, face a situation boldly. A man of courage is

A.Cunning B.Intelligent C.Curious D.careful

Answer: D

12. Physical courage is an expression of

A.emotions B.deliberation C.uncertainty D.defiance

Answer: A

13. A man with moral courage can

A.defy his enemies B.overcome all difficulties C.face a situation boldly very pragmatic

Answer: C

14. People with physical courage of ten lack

A.mental balance B.capacity for reasoning C.emotional stability D.will to fight

Answer: B

15. All virtues become meaningful because of

A.Faith C.courage D.hope

Answer: C

16. Complete the sentence with suitable word . The miser gazed …… at the pile of gold coins in front of him.

A.avidly B.admiringly C.thoughtfully D.earnestly

Answer: A
17. Catching the earlier train will give us the …… to do some shopping.

A.Chance B.luck C.possibility D.occasion

Answer: A
18. I saw a …… of cows in the field B.herd C.swarm D.flock

Answer: B
19. 729 ml of a mixture contains milk and water in ratio 7:2. How much of the water is to be added to get a new mixture containing half milk and half water?

A.162 B.405 C.81 D.567

Answer: B

The quantity of milk in the mixture i = 7/(7+2) X 729 = 7/9 X 729 = 567mL
The quantity of water then shall be 729 – 567 = 162mL If the final mixture would contain half milk and half water, there must be equal quantity of both.
So in order to make up for water, we’ll need to add 567mL – 162mL= 405mL of water
20.If one-seventh of a number exceeds its eleventh part by 100 then the number is”¦

A.770 B.1100 C.1825 D.1925

Answer: D

Let the number be x. Then X/7 – x/11 =100 11x-7x = 7700 x=1925.
21. If 1.5x=0.04y then the value of (y-x)/(y+x) is

A.730/77 B.73/77 C.7.3/77 D.None


Explanation: B
x/y = 0.04/1.5 = 2/75 So (y-x)/(y+x) = (1 – x/y)/(1 + x/y) = (1 – 2/75)/ (1 + 2/75) = 73/77.

22. The smallest number which when diminished by 3 is divisible by 21,28,36 and 45 is…

A.869 B.859 C.4320 D.1263

Answer: D

The required number = l.c.m. of (21,28,36 ,45)+3=1263

23. If x and y are the two digits the number 653xy such that this number is divisible by 80, then x+y is equal to:

A.2 B.3 C.4 D.6

Answer: D

Since 653xy is divisible by 2 as well as by 5, so y = 0 Now 653×0 is divisible by 8 so 3×0 is also divisible by 8. By hit and trial x=6 and x+y = 6

24. Which of the following is not true about C Programming?

A.C provides function oriented programming B.C program can be compiled on a C++ compiler C.C supports encapsulation D.none of these

Answer: C

25. What will be effect of size of operator on Unions? the size of the biggest member the size of sum of all members the size of the smallest of the members D.none of these

Answer: B

26. Divide by Zero is a common exception of type

A.Runtime B.Compile Time C.can be either Run time or Compile time D.none of these

Answer: A

27. What is the default size of an integer variable ?

A.2 B.4 C.can be 2 or 4 depending on the operating system D.none of these

Answer: C

28. Which of the following is not true about C Programming?

A.C provides function oriented programming B.C program can be compiled on a C++ compiler C.C supports encapsulation is false. D.none of these

Answer: C

29. What will be effect of size of operator on Unions? the size of the biggest member the size of sum of all members the size of the smallest of the members D.none of these

Answer: B

30. A 20 litre solution conatins oil and kerosene in the ratio 3:5,replace 4 litres of mixture with 4 litres of kerosene what will be the ratio of oil and kerosene?

A.1/7 B.3/7 C.1/6 D.1/8

Answer: B

When 4 liters are taken out of 20l, amount of oil in remaining 16 lt = 3/8 * 16 = 6 Hence the remaining 10 litres
would be kerosene Now additional 4 litres of kerosene is added to the solution So total quantity of kerosene = 14 litres Ratio of oil:kerosene = 6/14 = 3/7


Accenture Latest Placement Papers-Bangalore

Accenture Placement Paper series

Accenture Placement Paper Pattern :

Section 1 – Verbal Ability

No.of Questions :

Directions for Questions 1-3 : Choose the option which will correctly fill the blank.

1) I am writing to enquire _________the possibility of hiring a conference room at the hotel on the 2nd of September.

A) Of
B) About
C) Into
D) After


2) _________ having her lunch, she stood – the tree and waited _______ him.

A) With, below, for
B) After, under, for
C) Inside, further, to
D) About, across, into

3) The microscopic animals are the primary food for larval cod and their decline has meant that fewer fish are making it
to adulthood to be caught_________ trawlermen.

A) In
B) Into
C) By
D) With

Directions for Questions 4-6 : Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in ITALICS from the given options.

4) The jacket is impervious to water.

A) Dirty
B) Pure
C) Impenetrable
D) Favorable

5) Chandan was chagrined with the continuous disruption of the power supply to his home.

A) Delighted
B) Creation
C) Peeved
D) Security

6) The latest ordinance issued by the government has provided the bank with two options.

A) Decision
B) Law
C) Opinion
D) Verdict

Directions for Questions 7-10: Choose the answer option which will correctly fill the blank.

7)_________ great writer is convinced that whatever he says is not an echo or imitation of what others have said.

A) An
B) The
D) No article required

8) ________ Reserve Bank of India directed banks to closely watch _______spending through International Debit

A) A,the
B) The, the
C) The, a
D) -\n, the

9) The officer received _____ official letter from _____ Ministry of IT in _____ Central Government.

A) A, the, an
C) An, the, the
B) A, an, the
D) An, an, the

10) You CANNOT send out ______uneducated man into ______ world of technology and expect him to perform.

A) An, an
B) A, an
C ) An, the
D) The, an

Directions for Questions 11-15: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage. Microprocessor is an electronic computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) made from miniaturized transistors and other circuit elements on a single semiconductor Integrated Circuit (IC). Before the advent of microprocessors, electronic CPUs were made from individual small-scale Integrated Circuits containing the equivalent of only a few transistors. By integrating the processor onto one or a very few large-scale Integrated Circuit packages (containing the equivalent of thousands or millions of discrete transistors), the cost of processor power was greatly reduced. The evolution of microprocessors has been known to follow Moore’s Law when it comes to steadilyincreasing performance over the years.
This law suggests that the complexity of an Integrated Circuit with respect to minimum component cost will double in about 18 months. From humble beginnings as the drivers for calculators, the continued increase in power has led to the dominance of microprocessors over every other form of computer; every system from the largest mainframes to the smallest handheld computers now uses a microprocessor at their core. .As with many advances in technology, the microprocessor was an idea wbose time had come. Three projects arguably delivered a complete microprocessor at about the same time: Intel’s 4004, Texas Instruments’ TMS1000, and Garrett AiResearch’s Central Air Data Computer.
A computer-on-a-chip is a variation of a microprocessor, which combines the microprocessor core (CPU), some memory, and I/O (input/output) lines, all on one chip. The proper meaning of microcomputer is a computer using a (number of) microprocessor(s) as its CPU(s), while the concept of the patent is somewhat more similar to a micro controller.

11) Which of the following descriptions would NOT fit a microprocessor?

A) Electronic computer
B) Central Processing Unit
C) Memory disk
D) A single integrated chip circuit.

12) Select the TRUE statement from the following.

A) Microprocessors and computers on a chip are variations of each other.
B) Integration of processing power on chips has made processing power cheaper.
C) Before microprocessors, CPUs were not made from individual small scale ICs.
D) A microprocessor circuit only has transistors in it.

13) Which of the following was NOT the first to develop a microprocessor?

A) Microsoft
B) Intel
C) Texas Instruments
D) Garret

14) According to the passage, which of these is NOT a use of microprocessors?

A) Drivers for calculators
B) Core for large mainframes
C) Advanced mobile phones
D) Used for small handheld computers

15) “A number of microprocessors at its CPU” is an apt description of a:

A) 11icro-controller
B) Micro-computer
C) Micro-processor
D) Micro-transistor

Directions for Questions 16-20: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information
provided in the passage.
Dynamic Link Libraries Windows provides several files called dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that contain collections
of software code that perform common functions such as opening or saving a file. When Windows application wants to
use one of those functions or routines, the app sends a message to Windows with the names of the DLL file and the
function. This procedure is known as calling a function. One of the most frequently used DLLs is Windows
COMMDLG.DLL, which includes among others, the functions to display File Open, File Save, Search, and Print
dialog boxes. The application also sends any information the DLL function will need to complete the operation. For
example, a program calling the Open File function in COMMDLG.DLL would pass along a file spec, such as *. * or
*.DOC, to be displayed in the dialog box’s Filename text box.
The application also passes along a specification for the type of information it expects the DLL to return to the
application when the DLL’s work is done. The application, for example, may expect return information in the form of
integers, true/false values, or text. Windows passes the responsibility for program execution to the DLL, along with the
parameters and the return information the DLL will need. The specific DLL is loaded into memory, and then executed
by the processor. At this point the DLL, rather than the application, runs things. The DLL performs all the operations
necessary to communicate with Windows and, through Windows, with the PC’s hardware. After the DLL function is
complete, the DLL puts the return information into memory, where it can be found by the application, and instructs
Windows to remove the DLL routine from memory. The application inspects the return information, which usually tells
whether the DLL function was able to execute correctly. If the operation was a success, the application continues from
where it left off before issuing the function call. If the operation failed, the application displays an error message.

16) By using DLLs, Windows:

A) Saves processing time
B) Multitasks
C) Shares program code
D) Communicates with PCs hardware

17) To use any routine of a DLL, Windows:

A) Searches and copies it in the application code and executes it
B) Loads the DLL file and searches and executes the routine
C) Loads just the required routine in memory and executes it
D) Searches the location of the routine and instructs the application to execute it

18) Which information does an application need to passto Windows to use a DLL routine?

A) Just the name of the routine
B) Just the name of the DLL, which finds in turn the routine to be executed in return
C) Both the name of the routine as well as DLL and any parameters
D) Name of the DLL, routine, any parameters and type of information to be returned

19) According to the passage, while the DLL routine is executing, the calling application:

A) Waits for the routine to execute
B) Continues with other tasks
C) Helps the DLL routine perform by communicating with Windows and through Windows with the PC’s hardware
D) Passes all responsibility of program execution to the DLL and is removed from memory

20) The DLL function after execution returns:

A) The parameters and information into memory, where it can be inspected by the calling application
B) Information into memory, where it can be inspected by the calling application
C) To the calling application the information required by it so that it can inspect it
D) The information required into memory so that DLL can inspect whether the function operation was a success

Section 2 -Analytical Ability

No. of Questions: 20

Duration in Minutes: 20

21) 70 students are required to paint a picture. 52 use green color and some children use red, 38 students use both the
colors. How many students use red color?

A) 24
B) 42
C) 56

22) At an international conference, 100 delegates spoke English, 40 spoke French, and 20 spoke both English and
French. How many delegates could speak at least one of these two languages?

A) 110
B) 100
C) 140
D) 120

23) A group of 50 students were required to clear 2 tasks, one in rock-climbing and the other in bridge crossing during
an adventure sports expedition. 30 students cleared both the tasks. 37 cleared bridge crossing, 38 students cleared
rockclimbing. How many students could not clear any task?

D) 9

24) A dance instructor conducts annual workshops in which he holds sessions for basic learners and trainers. In a
particular year, 2000 people attended the workshop. 1500 participated as learners and 800 as trainers. How many
participated as only trainers?

A) 200
B) 500
C) 800
D) 1500

25) In a group of 400 readers who read science fiction or literacy works or both, 250 read science fiction and 230 read
literacy works. How many read both science fiction and literacy works?

A) 80
B) 160
C) 220
D) 400

26) A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the lady related to the man?

A) Daughter
B) Grand daughter
C) Mother
D) Sister

27) A man is facing west. He turns 45degree in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degree in the same
direction and then 270 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?

A) South
B) North-West
C) West
D) South-West

28) In a row of 60, if Ram is standing at 17th from the first, what is his position from the last?

A) 25
B) 43
D) 45

29) A man is facing northwest. He turns 90 degrees in the clockwise direction and then 135degrees in the anticlockwise
direction. Which direction is he facing now?

A) East
B) West
C) North
D) South

30) What three letter word best completes the below words? VA – __E S___TER – – _ER

D) \\FAT

Directions for Questions 36-40: In the following questions mark: 1, if the question can be answered with the help of
statement I alone. 2, if the question can be answered with the help of statement II alone. 3, if the question can be
answered with the help of both I and II. 4, if the question cannot be answered at all.

31) What is the value of P? I. P and Q are integers II. PQ = 10, P + Q =5

32) Who got the highest score in the Mathematics examination, among Sumit, Amit and Namit. No two students got the
same marks. I. Sumit got more marks than Namit. II. Amit did not get lesser marks than Sumit, who did not get lesser
marks than Namit.

33) How many hours does it take some boys and girls in a camp to put up the tent? I. There are 4 boys and 7 girls. II. A
girl can put up the tent in 5 hours and a boy can put up the tent in 3 hours.


34) If p, q, r, s and t are in an Arithmetic Progression, is r the largest among them? I.t>O II. p, q < 0


35) Is X a whole number, if X > O? I. 2X is an even number. II. 3X is an odd number.


Directions for Questions 36-40: In a certain code, the symbol for 0 (zero) is. * and that for 1 is $. The numb.:rs
greater than 1 are to be written only by using the two symbols given above. The value of the symbol for 1 doubles itself
every time it shifts one place to the left. (For example, 4 is written as $**; and; 3 is written as $$)

36) 11x 17 / 10 + 2 x 5 + 3 / 10 can also be represented as:

A) $*$$*
B) $*$$$
C) $$$*$
D) $**$$

37) 260 can be represented as:

A) $****$**
B) $$*$$$$$
C) $$*$$$$**
D) $*****$**

38) 60 / 17 can also be represented as:

A) $$$*$*** / $$**$$
B) $$$***** / $$**$$
C) $*$$*$** / $$**$$
D) $$*$*$** / $$**$$

39) $***$ can be represented as:

A) $$$ / $* B) $*$**- $$
C) $*$*$- $$
D) $$$***$ – $$

40) 30^2 can be represented as:

A) ($$*$$ ) $*+ $*$*$$*$
B) ($$*$$ ) $* + $$****$
C) ( $$*$$ ) $$ + $*$****
D) ( $$*$$ ) $$ + $*$**$

Section 3 : Attention To Detail

No. of Questions: 11

Duration in Minutes: 11

Directions for Questions 41-48: Follow the directions given below to answer the questions that follow. Your answer
for each question below would be: A, if ALL THREE items given in the question are exactly ALIKE. B, if only the
FIRST and SECOND items are exactly ALIKE. C, if only the FIRST and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. D, if only
the SECOND and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. E, if ALL THREE items are DIFFERENT.


A) A

42) 0452-9858762, 0452-9858762, 0452-9858762

A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
E) E


A) A

44) 4665.8009291, 4665.7999291, 4665.8009291

A) A
B) B

45)808088080.8080, 808008080.8080, 808088080.8080

A) A

46) If* standsfor /, / stands for -,+ stands for * and -stands for +, then 9/8*7+5-10=?

A) 13.3
B) 10.8
C) 10.7
D) 11.4

47) If* stands for /, / stands for -,+ stands for * and -stands for +, then 9/15*9+2-9=?

A) 14.7
B) 15.3
C) 14.1
D) 16.2

48) If * stands for /, / stands for -, + stands for * and – stands for +, then which of the following is TRUE?

A) 36/12*4+50-8 =-106
B) 12*8/4+50-8 =45.5
C) 36*4/12+36-8 = 4.7
D) 8*36/4+50-8 = 300

Set: 3648(A) ver-Z.O For: Aecenture IDC

Directions for Questions 49-51: In the following questions, the following letters indicate mathematical operations as
indicated below: A: Addition V: Equal to S: Subtraction W: Greater than M: Multiplication X: Less than D: Division
Out of the four alternatives given in these questions, only one is coccect according to the above letter symbols. Identify
the coccect one.

49) See the options given below

A) 6 S 7 A 2 M 3 W 0 D 7
B) 6 A 7 S 2 M 3 W 0 A 7
C) 6 S 7 M 2 S 3 W 0 M 7
D) 6 M 7 S 2 A 3 X 0 D 7

50) If * stands for -,/ stands for +, + stands for / and -stands for *, then which of the following is TRUE?

A) 16/8*6+90-12 =23.2
B) 8*12/6+90-12 =7.2
C) 16*6/8+16-12 =-4.1
D) 12*16/6+90-12 =8

51) If * stands for -,/ stands for +, + stands for / and -stands for * , then which of the following is TRUE?

A) 16*4/18+16-8 = -10.1
B) 18*8/4+40-8 =-2.8
C) 16/18*4+40-8 =33.2
D) 8*16/4+40-8 =-2

Directions for Questions 52-55: For the post of a manager of a leading call centre -Arkade Inc. – situated in Ludhiana,
the following are the criteria the candidate must satisfy: – The candidate should have a Management Degree. – The
candidate should have at least 4 years of similar experience at-another call center. – The candidate should be more than
30 years of age as on the 1st of July 2003. – The candidate should have 6 months of international exposure, i.e. should
have been posted in a foreign country. If a candidate does not satisfy the 1st condition but has more than 2 years of
international experience, then the VP operations, will interview him. If a candidate does not satisfy the 4th condition,
then the HR manager will interview him.

52) Shakuntala was selected for a managerial position in an international call center after she passed out from AIM
Management Institute. After working for 3 years in the call center, she took a sabbatical. She is 29 years of age as on
the date of application. She will be:

A) Interviewed only by the HR
B) Interviewed only by the VP
C) Rejected
D) Data insufficient

53) Rajiv has been working as a Manager in Zephyr Inc. for 4 years now. He is an Engineering graduate from a premier
engineering institute. His certificate lists his date of birth as 17/12/1974. He has worked in the hotel industry at the
executive level. He is:

A) Give an aptitude test
B) Interviewed by the VP
C) Data insufficient
D) Not considered

54) Soma has 2 years of experience in Welsh Inc. and 2 years of experience in Franc Inc., both leading call centers, as a
manager. She has a management degree from a premier management organization. She turned 30 this December
(2002). She is a B.Com Graduate from St. Xavier’s, Calcutta. If she applies for the post, she will:

A) Be interviewed directly by the VP Operations
B) Not be considered
C) Be interviewed by the HR
D) Have to give an aptitude test

55) Salina has over 4 years of experience in Care Touch, a leading call center, as a manager. She completed her MBA
from Ranchi and worked in Singapore for UNO for 2 years before joining Care Touch. She will be:

A) Recruited
B) Rejected
C) Interviewed by dIe VP Operations
D) Data insufficient



Accenture Placement Papers With Answers

Accenture Placement Paper Series

Placement Paper

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